Regression in April 2020 fixes for SharePoint 2010 affects context menu in list items (updated: 2020-04-27)

A regression in April 2020 CU for SharePoint 2010 was identified.
After one of the updates in the list below is applied, the context menu on list items in SharePoint sites may stop working.

The KB articles of the relevant KB articles have been updated to include the information in the “Known Issues” section.

Microsoft is aware of the problem and is working on a fix. The KB articles below will be updated when a fix is available.

The affected fixes are:

  • KB 4484298 – SharePoint Foundation 2010 April 2020 CU
  • KB 4484324 – SharePoint Server 2010 April 2020 CU
  • KB 4484323 – Project Server 2010 April 2020 CU

[Update: 2020-04-27] The fix for this issue has just been released. Please apply it on each affected SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server 2010 or Project Server 2010 server:


  1. We were able to fix our issues by replacing the “ctxt” with “ctx” misspellings in the core.js file in 2 places If there are other issues, we haven’t found them yet.


  2. There are two typos in the updated core.js file. The context variable, “ctx” is spelled wrong, “ctxt”, in the function that establishes the context for list items. We fixed it by stopping services, correcting the error, and restarting, Works ok so far. If you search for, “ctxt” in the core.js file on the WFE you should find two instances only. Fix both.

    I found the problem via the browser developer tools. The error was that “ctxt” is undefined in core.js.

    hope this helps.


  3. Thanks for Sharing Stefan
    Do you know when we will have next release including fix for known issues
    Thanks in advance as always your blog help us a lot Sir.

    Eduardo Cedillo Pinedo


    1. please see below for fix details.


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