New SharePoint CSOM version released for SharePoint Online

We just announced the availability of a new SharePoint CSOM version targeted for SharePoint Online. This updated CSOM release contains numerous highly requested new capabilities which will enable new business scenarios and capabilities when you are developing solutions for SharePoint Online. You can find the latest CSOM package for SharePoint online from the NuGet gallery with an id of ‘Microsoft.SharePointOnline.CSOM’. We will also update the redistributable package in upcoming weeks, but you can already right now start using some of these new capabilities in your solutions.
Key updates with this release
Here is a list of key updates in this release:

  • User profile bulk update API – for faster updates and synchronization of attributes with SharePoint online and any other system
  • Declare items as records – Exposes in the in-place records management capability for remote usage
  • Configure information rights management settings of the sites and files
  • Read content of the older versions of documents
  • Change tracking APIs exposed from item, folder, site and site collection level
  • Access items in the recycle bin
  • Update request access email for the site related on the access request capability
  • WebPart ZoneId property
  • Document set export and import capability
  • Additional tenant level settings exposed

More details about the new functionality can be found in the following blog post from Vesa Juvonen (Senior Program Manager for Office 365):

[Update from December 18th, 2015] Notice that even though the CSOM version is increased to 16.1.4727.1200, the actual assembly version of the released assemblies is Correct version can be confirmed from the file version attribute for the assemblies, which is 16.1.4727.1200. You need to re-add the assemblies to your existing projects to fix these assembly references. This issue will be addressed in a future update of CSOM.

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