Graceful SharePoint AppFabric Restarts

Today I would like to highlight the post of one of my colleagues who is talking about how to gracefully shut down and restart AppFabric nodes in a way that Distributed Cache of SharePoint is not badly affected.

Read more about this here:


  1. Thanks for the link Stefan! Most appreciated!


  2. Very nice article, thanks for linking! To be honest this should be something build into SharePoint updates (as those are what you are posting most of the times). The only thing someone needs to take care of while resetting / restarting a SharePoint server
    is shutting down the Distributed Cache gracefully. I have been poking around setting up a shutdown script / scheduler for whenever a SharePoint server shuts down to also shut down distributed cache gracefully – but this could be done automatically?!
    Of course if we follow streamlined topologies we would have a separate cache cluster, the problem of "remembering to shutting down the distributed cache" remains though…


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