August 2012 CU for SharePoint 2010 has been released

The product group released the August 2012 Cumulative Update for the SharePoint 2010 product family.

Be aware that the August Cumulative Update for SharePoint 2010 is a Post-SP1 hotfix. That means that you should ensure that SP1 is installed before the August CU.

The KB articles for August CU can be found at the following locations (they should be available in a couple of days):

  • KB 2687355 – SharePoint Foundation 2010
  • KB 2687353 – SharePoint Server 2010
  • KB 2687354 – SharePoint Server 2010 with Project Server
    As you see there is a separate Full Server Package for SharePoint Server 2010 with Project Server which simplifies patching of this common installation.

The Full Server Packages for August 2012 CU are available through the following links:

Be aware that the SharePoint Server 2010 CU contains the SharePoint Foundation CU. And the SharePoint Server 2010 with Project Server CU contains Project Server CU, SharePoint Server CU and SharePoint Foundation CU.
That means only one package has to be installed for the SharePoint 2010 product family.

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  1. Hi Stefan, what about availability of KB 2687354?


  2. Nope. That is just the individual package. Not the Server package.


  3. The Project Server CU listed above has just been released and is now available for download.


  4. Hi Stefan,

    I'm receiving "The expected version of the product was not found on the system". We are June 2012 CU, we have 18 languages and I was under the impression all the languages had the SP1 language packs installed.

    How can I either troubleshoot what's throwing the error, or what the true pre-requisites for this update are? Also feedback to the team – can you please list out all the fixes for each CU in a single page instead of links to other links.

    Best regards,



  5. Hi Jared,

    check in central admin in the "Check product and patch Installation status" page. It lists all installed service packs also for all language packs.

    Here you can double check if for each language pack SP1 has been installed.

    Unfortunately The KB articles for the different hotfixes are not under my control.




  6. Hi Stefan,

    It seems that some of my language packs did not successfully upgrade to SP1. I had scripted an installation of all 18 language packs we have in use, but didn't notice that some didn't install. However I'm now finding that when I run some of them manually they throw up an error (not sure exact verbiage since they are in a foreign language). However, if I append this bit of text in the command prompt I am able to get the SP1 install for the langauge pack to take..  PACKAGE.BYPASS.DETECTION.CHECK=1

    Any advice as to why running the SP1 updates without that results in a failure? Not entirely sure if there's an easy way to script running all the missing SP1's per SharePoint Farm. With 18 total farms, this is going to be a considerable amount of work.




  7. Hi Jared,

    that is not normal behavior. it seems that something went wrong with the language pack Installation so that SP1 does not detect it properly.

    Not sure if running it with this Setting will make things better or worse.

    You might want to raise a Support case to get this analyzed.




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