SharePoint Security Update MS12-050 released today

Microsoft released a security update for SharePoint 2007 and 2010.

You can find more details about the security update in the following articles:

After installing the fixes it is required to run the SharePoint configuration wizzard.

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  1. This is not covered in the latest CU update? Thus we need to install this seperatly, you agree?

    How critical is this patch? I understand the "Elevation of Privilege"  issue around this, just want to confirm if this is mission critical!!



  2. Hi Daniel,

    the fix is included in April 2012 CU and later. Only if you are on an older patch level you need to install it.




  3. After the latest update, our SharePoint server is getting an error similar to the one in kb885654. Is this why you recommend running the configuration wizard? When I run it, I am told the server is not connected to a server farm and am given the opportunity to disconnect. Is this safe to do? Can I then run it again to reconnect, and will that resolve the security problems brought on by this update?




  4. OK, I backed up the virtual machine and forged ahead. I allowed the configuration wizard to disconnect my server farm (or attempt to, it gave a some step failed message). Then I ran it again, where it again warned me that some previous attempt to configure failed and gave me an OK option only, and I forged ahead from there too. It went through 10 steps of configuration without asking me for any additional information about the server farm, and lo and behold, the admin page came up and worked. We are back! :o) A little scary with all the warnings and having to disconnect, but after it all, it was a pretty easy process. Thanks for the tip to rerun the configuration wizard after this update. I did not find it anywhere else.


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