February 2012 CU for SharePoint 2010 has been released

The product group released the February 2012 Cumulative Update for the SharePoint 2010 product family.

Be aware that the February Cumulative Update for SharePoint 2010 is a Post-SP1 hotfix. That means that you should ensure that SP1 is installed before the February CU.

The KB articles for February CU can be found at the following locations (they should be available in a couple of days):

  • KB 2597132 – SharePoint Foundation 2010
  • KB 2597150 – SharePoint Server 2010
  • KB 2597152 – SharePoint Server 2010 with Project Server
    As you see there is a separate Full Server Package for SharePoint Server 2010 with Project Server which simplifies patching of this common installation.

The Full Server Packages for February 2011 CU are available through the following links:

Be aware that the SharePoint Server 2010 CU contains the SharePoint Foundation CU. And the SharePoint Server 2010 with Project Server CU contains Project Server CU, SharePoint Server CU and SharePoint Foundation CU.
That means only one package has to be installed for the SharePoint 2010 product family.

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  1. Stefan,

    Very nice, although I think it should be the february 2012 cumulative update.

    Thanks for the update!


    P.S. Sorry if this comment is added multiple times, it wont publish correctly.


  2. Yeah I agree with Nico it's 2012 CU :).

    A big hug Stefan


  3. Is there a seperate Office Web Apps update available or are the updated files for Office Web Apps included in the CU?


  4. Thanks Nico and Hector for the "cut&paste" error with the year. Indeed it is 2012. 😉


  5. Hi Stefan,

    Are there any known issues with this release so far ? is there a site i can head to to find out of any known issues in CU's ? many thanks



  6. Hi Rob,

    afaik there are no known issues with this CU.

    Usually critical issues will be documented in the KB of the CU.




  7. I've run into issue with this CU – after running psconfig we got upgrade failed with 23 errors. Most of these errors are on one DB and almost all of them is reports of missing features. Those features are the Sharepoint core ones, like 4c42ab64-55af-4c7c-986a-ac216a6e0c0e – ExcelServerWebPart, which is working on the site without problem. I don't really get this.


  8. Hi Jiri,

    I would suggest to open a support case for this. As this has not yet been reported before I assume it is a problem related to your specific environment.




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