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  1. The LPC1788 Header Board is based on Cortex M3 Core, running at up to 120MHz, with 512KB internal Flash memory and 96KB SRAM, 4 KB EEPROM, external memory controller, LCD controller up to true color XGA, 10/100 ethernet, USB 2.0 Host/Device/OTG, 2 CAN, 12-bit ADC, 10-bit DAC, SD/MMC, I2S.

    The Board features an LPC1788 controller, JTAG, an USB Device, onboard power supply and all the input output pins taken out via a 2.54mm standard Berg Connectivity. The Board can be used as a general controller board for various designs and different connectivity options can be tried out as required using breakout boards.

    The sample source code, schematic, software and tools are provided along with the board using which you can start with your application development from day 1.

    The LPC1788 Header Board has a 20 pin Wiggler-compatible JTAG interface which can be used for debugging/programming.

    The board can be debugged/programmed using parallel JTAG and CoiNel USB JTAG. You can also program the board via UART0 by the use of a simple TTL to RS232 converter. Parallel JTAG and TTL to RS232 converters are not the part of the package.


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