SharePoint 15 Technical Preview Managed Object Model SDK available for download

This download contains the following developer documentation:

  • SharePoint 15 Technical Preview Managed Object Model SDK: This compiled help (.chm) file contains reference topics focusing only on types and members that are called by other Microsoft applications. This reference does not document the full SharePoint 15 managed object model. That documentation will accompany a later release of SharePoint 15.

While we make every effort to ensure the technical accuracy in this documentation, it is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.

You can download the SDK from the Download Center


  1. Hello Stefan..

    How do i participate in SharePoint 15 Technical preview…


  2. Nice to see this early documentation release. Noticing some new namespaces and classes… Let us know when more documentation becomes available.


  3. Whoa! What's an SPApp?


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