Picks of the week – 48/2011

During my daily work I quite often find an article which highlights interesting things which I would like to share with you on my blog in the Picks of the week category.

Here are the picks for this week:

  • Calling SP UI Modal dialog from Update Panel
    The Update Panel control allows to change regular post-back operations to AJAX calls. Sometimes it is necessary to include a button within the Update Panel which would open a modal dialog. Within the Update Panel this does not work automatically. This articles provides a solution for this.
  • Simulating include Files with an ASP.NET Server Control
    Ok, not really a SharePoint topic – but also relevant for SharePoint web parts and user controls embedded on a SharePoint site. In classic ASP (not ASP.NET) it was possible to use the #include directive to include centrally managed ASP or html fragments into the current page. This is not possible in ASP.NET. This article provides a solution for this problem.
  • Simulating Explorer View in SharePoint 2010
    SharePoint 2010 does no longer have an Explorer View like previous versions of SharePoint. It only has an option to open a list in Windows Explorer – but this is not exactly the same thing as it does not allow a neat integration of the explorer view within an existing page. This article provides solution on how to simulate Explorer View using a Page Viewer Web part.
  • Not every SharePoint site template supports Multilingual UI (MUI)!
    SharePoint 2010 has a feature which allows certain columns to be available in multiple languages based on installed Language Packs and Browser settings. But not all site templates support this feature. This article contains a reference listing which site templates support the multilingual UI.
  • CodePlex project: SPViewPermissionSetting
    This custom feature allows to limit a user to certain views in a list to (e.g.) hide specific columns from some users.

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