Picks of the week – 44/2011

During my daily work I quite often find an article which highlights interesting things – which are not worth a separate post to talk about. To still share them with you I have decided to publish such articles as a link list on my blog in the Picks of the week category.

Here are the picks for this week:

  • Item-level auditing with Sharepoint 2007
    Many companies and government agencies have policies and regulations that require them to track carefully where and how users gain access to important records and documents. In particular, they need to maintain audit logs that detail events that track data such as which users viewed and updated records and documents, and when these events occurred. The above whitepaper – written for SharePoint 2007 but still valid for SharePoint 2010 – provides many details about this functionality
  • SharePoint 2010 Templates for Health Organizations
    Many of you might remember the famous “Fantastic Fourty” template collection for SharePoint 2007. Here is a collection of 26 templates designed for SharePoint 2010 which are designed to fulfill similar needs.
  • Information on mirroring of the Profile and Social databases
    Article outlining support for database mirroring of the above listed SharePoint databases

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