SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1 has been released on Tuesday

[from Office Sustained Engineering Blog]

On Tuesday Service Pack 1 (SP1) for SharePoint 2010 was made available. SP1 contains a number of important fixes that improve the SharePoint experience for our customers. With the recommendation to install SP1 for SharePoint came a recommendation to ALSO deploy the June Cumulative Update (CU) for SharePoint simultaneously.

It’s worth explaining this recommendation in detail and answering some common questions about how / why we made this recommendation.

First, to explain the difference between SP1 and the June CU.

  • SharePoint 2010 SP1 contains all SharePoint updates published through the April 2011 Cumulative Update in addition to other fixes that were applied specifically to SP1 during its development. SP1 is a baseline, and that baseline is tied to our Service Pack Life Cycle Policy. We recommend applying SP1 to your SharePoint environment because it resets the baseline for your entire SharePoint environment, and prepares your environment for future releases such as the June CU.
  • The June Cumulative Update is the first Post-SP1 build released to customers. It contains new fixes to issues raised through various escalation channels and through our support organization. The June CU is based on Service Pack 1, but it adds new updates to some of (not all) the packages that SP1 installs.

The recommended approach is to apply Service Pack 1 and the June CU into an environment together. Because the packages changed by the June CU supersede SP1, the order of installation isn’t critical. If you install the CU before SP1, the packages that the CU updated won’t be overwritten by SP1. Because the June CU is from a later build than SP1, many will be comfortable installing SP1 first, and then applying the CU.

A separate topic of conversation is the order in which you should apply SharePoint Foundation vs. SharePoint Server Updates. Per the guidance from the SharePoint team, when applying SP1 or the CU it is recommended to apply the Foundation packages before applying the server packages.

For more details about how to install SP1 and the June CU please have a look at the original post from the Office Sustained Engineering Team


  1. Hi Brad,

    CUs and Service Packs are differently packaged. E.g. you only have to install one CU package to get fixes for all installed language packs while you have to install the service pack for each language pack separatelly.

    Same for the SPF and Server fixes.




  2. Sorry Stefan, I may not have been clear – You indicated (back in March, link previously supplied) that you only need to install the Server version of the Cumulative update if you have Server installed, as it came with the Foundation "Bits".

    Is this also true for the Service Packs? Or do I need to install:

    SharePoint 2010 Foundation SP1  <== Is this one required?

    SharePoint 2010 Server SP1

    SharePoint 2010 Server June CU

    Hope this is Clearer… I'm not worried about the language packs…


  3. Hi Brad,

    the information I shared applies only to the CUs.

    Service packs are packaged differently.

    That means you need to install the SharePoint Foundation Service packs as well.




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