As some of you already noticed: GotDotNet is now down and the code samples previously hosted there have been migrated to the MSDN code gallery. For your convenience here are links to all my code samples: SharePoint  Powershell Script to identify the patch baseline for SharePoint and language packsThis script retrieves the version information for […]

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article which explains how to deal with memory pressure situations in MOSS/WSS. Roger Lamb has now created an article which discusses one of the issues – missing Dispose() or Close() for SPWeb, SPSite and PublishingWeb objects. When to dispose and when not to dispose can be confusing […]

Imagine a daily web comic that adapts tech stories from actual IT Professionals and Developers – a web comic that reflects the real lives of IT Hero’s such as you. The HHH Comic series will do just that. Starting the end of January we will release a new daily episodes driven from suggestions from the […]