The December cumulative update for WSS V3 and MOSS 2007 has been released yesterday

As discussed by the Office Sustained Engineering group cumulative updates for all Office Products including WSS 3.0 and SharePoint 2007 will be released every second month.

Yesterday we released the so called December Cumulative Update.

There is a chance to the way we will release cumulative updates from now on. In the past we shipped localized and global cummulative updates in separate packages. Not with each hotfix build there was a localized patch. So it was a little bit complicate to get your system to the latest patch level as you had to install at least 4 fixes (see Joergs instructions on installing the October CU to understand what I mean).

The December CU is the first fix which will be released in two formats:

1) The same way as before through the following fixes (notice that no localized MOSS fix has been released in December):

2) A real cummulative update which contains all previous fixes including latest global and latest localized for WSS and MOSS:

The fixes for the second format are much bigger as they always contain latest global and latest localized fix.

The benefit is that you will always be on the latest patch level and that there is no need any more to install the Infrastructure update in addition.

[Update December 18th] Also have a look at the following article from the SharePoint Product group.


  1. Under the version column it said sp2 – does this mean that this is the SP2 of WSS and MOSS or is it only a indication of what SP2 will contain?


  2. Hi Niklas,

    I assume you mean the "Release" Column.

    That means that this fix will be included in SP2.




  3. My installation of these updates are succeed. But the psconfig was failed. Does anyone know can I roll back this update or how to fix it as my moss sites except the CA site are all down now.

    Error message from event viewer when browsing the site as below:

    The schema version ( of the database WSS_Content_91_ZZZ_DEV on COMPUTER_NAME1 is not consistent with the expected database schema version ( on COMPUTER_NAME1.  Connections to this database from this server have been blocked to avoid data loss.  Upgrade the web front end or the content database to ensure that these versions match.

    Error message from 12/logs/upgrade.log as below

    [SPManager] [ERROR] [12/19/2008 10:09:02 AM]: Upgrade [SPSearchDatabase Name=WSS_Search_XXX_DEV Parent=SPDatabaseServiceInstance] failed.

    [SPManager] [ERROR] [12/19/2008 10:09:02 AM]: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    [SPManager] [ERROR] [12/19/2008 10:09:02 AM]:    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Upgrade.SPSearchDatabaseAction.GetSearchContextSearchSqlStringValue(String stringName)

      at Microsoft.SharePoint.Upgrade.SearchQFE23318DatabaseAction.Upgrade()

      at Microsoft.SharePoint.Upgrade.SPActionSequence.Upgrade()


  4. Hi Chris,

    regarding the first error:

    Our documentation on upgrade recommend detaching the databases before running the hotfix installation and attaching again afterwards to avoid such problems.

    Seems you haven’t done this.

    To recover from this problem, please detach the affected databases now through

    STSADM -o preparetomove …

    STSADM -o deletecontentdb …

    Then run PSCONFIG again and afterwards attach the database again using

    STSADM -o addcontentdb …

    Regading the problem with the SearchDB: Turn off WSS Search in Central Admin before running PSCONFIG turn it back on after the upgrade has finished.




  5. Stefan,

    What documentation are you referring to in your response to Chris?  While your answer resolved our problem with the upgrade we would like to know what document we should have read first.


    Bob M.


  6. Stefan,

    Thanks — Looks like I have some reading to do 🙂

    Bob M.


  7. Hi,

    Is the cumulative update for december available for 64bit, coz I cant find it?! I can only find a downloadable file for 32bit…


  8. Hi Björn,

    just checked. 64-bit is available as well.




  9. Hi Björn,

    On the Hotfix Request page, above the software selection table, click on the link titled "Show hotfixes for all platforms and languages (2)".

    This will trigger the table to show downloads for all platforms, including 64-bit.




  10. Hi Stefan,

    In RTM version of MOSS we had to change the init.js file(and maybe some other things) so multiple postback would work in a page. After applying december CU we seem to have some problems with that. The init.js look’s fine but could there be another problem caused by the CU ?



  11. Hi John,

    changing the init.js on your own is not supported.




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