Important Security Hotfix MS07-059 will be released today

We will be releasing a security hotfix for Windows SharePoint Services MS07-059 on October 9th.  Be sure to note that as Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 is included with all editions of Office SharePoint Server 2007, Microsoft Office Project Server 2007, and Performance Point Server as well as any others which include WSS 3.0 you need to apply this hotfix on those environments as well. 


We recommend applying this hotfix during your next planned downtime, or change management window and scheduling this with priority.  This hotfix contains previously released hotfixes including the DST (Daylight Savings Time) hotfix.


First, if you have deployed “host named site collections” previously known as “host header” sites you should wait to apply the hotfix if you have more than 50 host named site collections.  We will be issuing a performance related fix related to the hotfix.  This hotfix will include the same hotfixes as the October 9 public update in addition to the host named site collection update performance related hotfix.  You need not wait if this does not apply.


[Read more on the SharePoint team blog]


  1. I have a clean install of MOSS, and applied wss/moss sp1 to it.  Worked great.  But now I cannot apply this hotfix.  This hotfix fixes a broken search, and according to the KB, this hotfix has to be reapplied AFTER SP1.  But it’s not possible since there appears to be version checking and the hotfix stops dead in its track (expected version of sharepoint is not installed).


  2. Hi Yoshio,

    that is correct. You cannot install this fix on top of SP1.

    This hotfix was released after the scope of SP1 has been completed – so it is also not included in SP1.

    You need to wait for the Post-SP1 rollup patch which will include this fix.




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