KB article discussing how to change the service account passwords in MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0 has been released


This article describes how to change the password of service accounts in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. Use the procedure in the “More Information” section to update the password if the password of service accounts expires.


  1. Hi Stefan,
    Do you know of a step-by-step guide that details How to update service accounts passwords for SP2016″ ?


      1. Hi Stefan
        Password will be generated in another system (Thycotic Secret Server) and AD will be updated from there

        THere are of course multiple service accounts: farm, setup, service, profile, crawl, content, etc.

        Question is: Is there any documentation that guides which account should be done first and which one next, also what area to check after password updated in SharePoint? (I am thinking of a similar guideline as SharePoint Upgrade/Migration)



        1. Hi Ramen,
          each service account should be a managed account – then you only have to update the password in one place. In the managed account settings in the central admin.
          As each account usually has a different expiration date for the password you can set them independently. There is no requirement for a specific sequence.
          If you have special needs or need further guidance I would recommend to open a support case with Microsoft to discuss those in detail.


          1. Thanks Stefan. I will add them all in Managed Accounts

            So once an account’s password is updated in Managed Accounts, other areas like Windows Service, IIS app pool identity does not need updating separately?

          2. Hi Ramen,

            thats the idea of the managed accounts.
            SharePoint propagates them to all required places.


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