Metalogix Migration Manager for MOSS 2007

Recently Rasool Rayani from Metalogix gave me a brief intruduction into the features of the Migration Manager for MOSS 2007 which is currently in the works.

Although it is a early prerelease version the product ran very stable and the features provided were very cool.

The tool allows end to end migration from content from 3rd party web applications but also from MCMS 2001 or MCMS 2002 to MOSS 2007.

Here is a list of details about this tool:

Phase 1 – Content Discovery (Tools to import content from any HTTP accessible source
Phase 2 – Content Analysis (Tools to better understand and filter content sets and integration with Excel. E.G. you can filter the project view to show only postings based on a particular template or created by a particular user)
Phase 3 – Data and Metadata Extraction (Tools to extract data from within webpages or in the case of MCMS 2002 extraction of PlaceHolder content and Custom Properties through the PAPI)
Phase 4 – Content Transformation and Custom Metadata Creation  (Content manipulation, editing and updating and the ability to add new custom metadata attributes)
Phase 5 – Content Loading  (Insertion of content into MOSS 2007 publishing sites)
Phase 6 – Content Review (Tools to review output in MOSS 2007 publishing sites)
Phase 7 – Content Post Processing (Link Correction and Updates)

Migration Manager will support the migration of content from existing websites to MOSS 2007 publishing sites with support for document and image migration and link correction. For MCMS 2002 we will be providing a custom connector than enables users to import content through the PAPI. This will enable users to import specific channels and or sub channels and their respective postings into a Migration Manager project and then export any subset of postings to a destination MOSS 2007 publishing site. For other web content sources migration manager includes a HTTP crawler that can spider a site to create an inventory of all the pages, images and documents in a particular site structure and a powerful visual extraction technology to mine out specific segments of HTML content and map them to fields in MOSS 2007.

The particular areas where Migration Manager can add value in an MCMS 2002 upgrade process are situations where the customer would like to:

  • Migrate content in a granular fashion to a existing pages library ( migration of a specific channel or set of postings)
  • Map content to a new MOSS 2007 Publishing Site structure that is different than the source channel structure
  • Map content from MCMS postings based on old templates to new MOSS 2007 page layouts
  • Modify HTML content prior to export to new page layouts
  • Move dependent resources to a new SP 2007 document and image library structure with link integrity managed

It will also support copy and pasting of lists and libraries between MOSS 2007 sites and servers.

I just found on a blog from Angus that Rasool will present the feature of the Migration Manager in a webcast.

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