Migrating MCMS database to MOSS 2007 – Nonexistent User

Today I had to upgrade my MOSS installation to the latest builds as I ran into blocking bug in Beta 2 which prevented me from being able to continue with my MCMS migration.

After upgrading I did another analysis step to see if something changed.

Indeed there were a couple of changes:

The Host header mapping enabled warning, the deleted items and the nonexistent user warning no longer showed up – might mean that this is now automatically handled by the new build. Not sure what this means for the deleted items and for the users. Will these now be migrated or ignored? We will see…

In addition I got one new warning which I haven’t seen in the Beta-2 built:

I did not get any warnings in the beta-2 built that postings were not migrated. Not sure if this is just a new warning or if there will really be less items migrated now.

The details of this warning message explain why these postings did not get migrated:

I assume this means that only approved versions will be migrated to MOSS 2007. I’m pretty sure that this means that – if there are some items which are in work (being updated) – only the approved versions will be migrated.

To bad that there is no warning for these items to allow me to quickly verify these items and approve them if required.

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  1. In the last couple of days I posted the different errors and warning I received when trying to migrate…


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