Common Errors and Warnings when migrating a MCMS database to MOSS 2007

In the last couple of days I posted the different errors and warning I received when trying to migrate my MCMS 2002 database to MOSS 2007.

Here is a list with all the warnings I received:


  1. Stefan,  

    I have seen a lot on how to analyze your CMS site for migration to SharePoint 2007, but I can’t seem to find anything on what steps I need to take to actually perform the migration.  Could you point me at an article that explains this please?


  2. Stefan,

    I received the errors and the warnings like

    Source database has extra data

    Deleted item

    The destination site is not empty (ERROR)

    Blocked File Type (ERROR)

    Broken Links

    as well as the errors you received (MCMS 2002 SP2, SQL 2005).

    I have to make the migration process working asap. I wonder if I should abandon this migration tool and start to write the migration program on my own, or not? At least exporting cms contents by the console program is not difficult job for me.


  3. A couple of users asked me how I setup my system to do the migration of a MCMS database to MOSS 2007….


  4. Hi,

    you need to use the "Blank Site" template as destination for the migration to avoid the "The destination site is not empty" error.

    Regarding the blocked file type: remove the affected item.




  5. Hi Stefan,

    We’ve been naming our resource galleries after the domain names they are used in,, for example.

    This is apparently causing a "blocked file type" error. Removing the dots from the name got rid of the error, but no resources were migrated.


  6. Hi Stefan,

    We are migrating a huge MCMS 2002 Content (10GB) to MOSS 2007. We have been successful many times before. However, from past 10 days we are consitantly getting Error – "Specified Field Name is too long".

    Have you ever come across this type of error? We are in a very critical phase of the project and this one single has left all of us clueless. I deeply appreciate any pointer.




  7. Hi Sangeetha,

    the conversion converts placeholder definitions and custom properties into fields. As WSS has a restriction in the length of field names the conversion will fail when the placeholder definition name or the custom property name is to long.

    You need to rename the custom property name or placeholder definition name before converting the content.




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