Migrating MCMS database to MOSS 2007 – Deprecated placeholders

As discussed earlier I received a long list of warnings and errors when running the premigration check. The next entries in my list are a couple of warnings of this type:

I assume that this warning will only hit a very small set of customers as it only affects customers who have implemented custom placeholder definitions. As most customers are using the standard placeholder definitions and “only” implement custom placeholder controls.

In my case the event details showed exactly which custom placeholder definition was affected and how it will become migrated:

The error message is not fully correct as it asks the user to replace the placeholders with custom field controls. Actually a custom field controls is the MOSS 2007 equivalient of a custom placeholder control and not of a placeholder object.

In this situation I will most likely implement a custom field type (which is the MOSS 2007 equivalent for a custom placeholder definition) and migrate the content with some code from the plain text field into a field of my custom field type.


  1. In the last couple of days I posted the different errors and warning I received when trying to migrate…


  2. Is there any documentation on development of field Control for MOSS 2007? the

    two documentation links available, 1. MovieSelector example from Office

    Developer’s Conference and MCMS 2002 API mapping document are not sufficient

    to develop and full fledged field control.

    The SDK documentation of MOSS 2007 interesting has the title "How to : Build

    custom field control", but does not have a link. Considering the vast amount

    of placeholder controls used in MCMS 2002, it is simply necessary to build

    quite a few custom field controls, any documentation on this will be really



  3. Hi Madhan,

    not sure if there is already documentation available. It will be available till RTM.




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