Migrating MCMS database to MOSS 2007 – Leaf names are not unique

As discussed earlier I received a long list of warnings and errors when running the premigration check. The next entries in my list are a couple of errors of this type:

Here is the more detailed description for this error:

Indeed I had two or more items with identical names in those channels which is possible but not good practice in MCMS.

In MCMS it would break the link management feature and could cause some API calls to fail (GetByPath, GetByUrl).

In MOSS 2007 this is now no longer possible. Great! But it would be nice if the migration tool would have a feature to automatically correct this by (e.g.) adding a suffix to the item or something like this.

Now I will have to go through all these items and will have to do this manually – or I will have to write a script to do this.

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  1. In the last couple of days I posted the different errors and warning I received when trying to migrate…


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