Error message: "Unable to set thread affinity" in MCMS Standard Edition (Update: 01.06.2006)

A couple of customers have reported a problem with MCMS 2002 Standard Edition. While users browse the site they sporadically receive the following error message:

Unable to set thread affinity to CPU 0. The CMS Standard Edition server has CPU affinity configured to a CPU which is not among the available set of CPUs for this process.

The number of the CPU in the error message can vary.

We noticed that the affected customers had the standard edition of Mondo Search installed on their MCMS server machines. After uninstalling Mondo Search or after replacing the standard edition of Mondo Search with the enterprise edition the problem was resolved.

Customers experiencing the above mentioned error message “Unable to set thread affinity” should first verify if the Mondo Search is installed on their boxes and check if uninstalling Mondo resolves the problem to isolate the problem.

Update June 1st, 2006: Today I received a note from Thomas Fritzen from Mondosoft that a workaround for this problem is available through Mondosoft’s technical support.

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