Andrew catched another one using undocumented API

Sandeep Maheshwari is the bad guy of this story.

He uploaded a code sample to GotDotNet which uses undocumented API calls to update the MCMS repository content. If he would like to do something like this to his own repository: fine! He will loose the chance to get support from Microsoft if a database inconsistancy occurs but that is his own risk!

But to upload such sample code to GotDotNet to let others download and to use it – which will lead their repositories into an unsupported state – that is really not a nice gesture!

Hasn’t Sandeep read my article series?

Nearly unbeleavable if he worked his way through the undocumented API he has quite a good MCMS knowledge and should have seen my blog and my earlier posts. Especially as I’m not the only one how taked about this topic.

PLEASE for your own good: stay out of the database and please also don’t use undocumented API calls.

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