Some nice steps to setup MCMS 2002 SP2

Spencer has provided an article with some nice steps to setup MCMS 2002 with SP2 with VS.NET 2005 and SQL 2005.

Just a small correction: the point that the steps he provided will prevent the VS.NET 2003 problem from happening. The problem only occurs on some machines and we are not yet sure why the problem occurs. But the problem will also occur with the steps provided by Spencer.


  1. How about Microsoft releasing another fix. Are they trying to discourage VS 2005? Because I will be frank about it: if you make it difficult then people are less apt to do it.

    ie. my senario is Sharepoint SPS and MCMS – what is my setup for VS 2005?

    It needs to be more seemless. It always irritates me when Microsoft’s own products don’t play well with each other.


  2. Spencer’s document was excellent. It was very easy to install my own VPC.

    I have a weird console problem now. Web Author console is now working well. After CMS authentication, "Switch to Edit Site" link appears but when I clicked on this link, mode is not changing. The request is going to server but console doesn’t change mode (always in published mode). Please guide me to fix problem?


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