Office "12" Beta 1 is done!

[Via Lawrence Liu]

Well, theOffice “12” Beta 1 Technology Preview Program has officially started, and 10,000 lucky customers and partners are in the process of downloading the bits from our BetaPlace site. Already, the early press coverage has been very positive:

Since all of these reviews have focused primarily on the Office “12” clients, I anxiously await the reviews for the Office “12” servers. One of our biggest investment areas that includes client as well as server features is the Enterprise Content Management functionality, for which an overview is provided here:

Another big investment area is the integration of Web Content Management functionality (currently in Content Management Server 2002) into a set of server applications, which includes Portal, Search, Forms, and Business Intelligence that have all been built on top of Windows SharePoint Services “v3.” My manager, aside from having a good time in Barcelona and leaving me back home to hold down the fort, has just presented a session on CMS “vNext” at IT Forum and then proceeded to describe its key new and improved features in his latest blog post.

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