Glitches with MCMS 2002 Service Pack 2

Running a system with MCMS 2002 SP2 is a little bit more tricky than running one with the previous versions. Especially when it comes to VS.NET integration:

VS.NET developer tools

It is not possible to install the MCMS 2002 developer tools on a system that has SP2 installed. The developer tools have to be installed with MCMS 2002 SP1a and then the system has to be upgraded to Service Pack 2.

If developer tools need to be added to a system that has already SP2 installed you need to follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall MCMS 2002 SP2
  2. ensure that Visual Studio 2003 (or Visual Studio 2002) is installed
  3. Run “Change/Remove” from Add/Remove Programs on MCMS 2002 SP1a (Using the SP1a CD to access required files)
  4. Change the existing installation, and select Developer Tools as the feature to add
  5. Re-install MCMS 2002 SP2

If you need VS.NET 2005 with MCMS then you still need to follow the steps above (including installing VS.NET 2003 or 2002). After installing SP2 you need to use the following steps to ensure that VS.NET 2005 has the MCMS project types:

After installing SP2, the actions outlined in KB 906145 must be taken to make these templates available to Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

SQL Server 2005

If you use Microsoft SQL Server utilities to transfer your MCMS 2002 database from Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005 after you install MCMS 2002 SP2, you need to follow the hints in the following section of KB 906145.


  1. Apparently CMS SP2 breaks the Database Configuration App also. After installing SP2 I am unable to select any database using this tool. I get an error warning me that the login needs dbo rights – which of course it does. Trusted connection yields the same error – even though I am an admin on the sql box. This behavior is 100% reproducible.


  2. Hi Dan,

    that is not MCMS 2002 SP2 in general. Actually no one of my systems shows this problem.

    You should open a support case for this as this problem is specific to your machine.




  3. To Dan,

    This behavior got me a couple of times while installing SP1a. Evidently, the installer is performing some kind of a "run as" under the hood when it pops up the Database Configuration assistant. It is not running (or establishing a trusted connection) as your interactive user, it is actually running as the MCMS_System account when this screen appears.

    I hope this helps.


    Shawn Dillon


  4. Thanks for these informations , but i want to know the general problems that will face CMS 2002 when using SQL 2005 .


  5. Hi Moe,

    there are no general problems with SQL 2005.




  6. Hi Stefan,

    I have been researching on particular details for MCMS and I came across your site.  I read few of your articles on the site and I must tell you that they were very helpful.  Thank you so much!

    I also had a quick question for you.  I have a MCMS 2002 SP 1a installation for which I am upgrading SQL from 2000 to 2005.  Do you know if this is possible and if yes, can you point me to any resources which can help me in this endevor?  Any help is appreciated!

    I could not get much details by googling on this topic.

    Thanks again for your time,



  7. Hi Punith,

    1) SP1a is unsupported since around 2 years now. Your system has to be on SP2 to be supported.

    2) SP1a does not support SQL 2005. With SP2 SQL 2005 is supported. So you would need to install SP2 (and potentially several post SP2 fixes) to be able to get this working.




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