AchieveForms: AFLite 2.0 has been released

The latest version includes full multi-lingual support, twice as many forms, and a full SharePoint integration.

[Via BusinessWebSoftware]

AFLite now offers integration with both SharePoint Portal Server and Windows SharePoint Services. Other major improvements include that we’ve added mutli-lingual support and increased the number of forms allowed, so you can now publish 10 forms.

AFLite still supports CMS.RAPID as well as with MCMS. AFLite lets users of SharePoint and Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 get up and running with electronic forms for free. AFLite is based on the market-leading electronic forms solution AchieveForms from Business Web Software. If you are running SharePoint or MCMS 2002 and would like to see how an integrated eForms solution can benefit your business, AFLite is the place to start.

First thing to do is to read about what AFLite is, and how it compares to AchieveForms. There are some limitations in the available functionality, but there is more than enough to offer a compelling solution. Next thing to do is to read about the AFLite hardware and software requirements to make sure that you have the right system to install on.

Features Include:

  • Seamless SharePoint and MCMS 2002 integration
  • Validation against back-end systems
  • Multi-section forms
  • Conditional display of sections
  • User friendly forms editor
  • WAI compliant forms

For more details, take a look here:

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