Office 12 User Interface – Another Channel 9 Video

At the PDC this morning Microsoft demonstrated Office 12 in public for the first time. The news you’ll hear is “they changed the user interface.” So, we wanted to talk with the team who came up with this new UI and we wanted to ask them “are you nuts?” After all, changing how Office works is not done lightly. Julie runs the team that did the research that led to the came up with and designed the new Office 12 user interface. She gives us a great runthrough of what Office 12 does. Hope you enjoy meeting Julie and your first look at Office 12 the same way I did. You can’t see it, but behind the camera I was just amazed at what I was seeing.

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  1. What’s so cool about the "Julie O12" video is not that you get to see the UI in action… but you really get to learn the "WHY" on the new UI changes. Makes you understand exactly why things were changed, such as ribbons & galleries, and it will probably make some people better users… and not only better users, but better developers who extend the O12 cliet UIs.


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