Free workflow engine for MCMS from Skelta

[Via Arpan Shah]

At TechEd Orlando Skelta, announced that they are providing a lite version of their workflow product with seamless integration with MCMS. You will be able to run 25 concurrent workflow processes at any given time – which should be sufficient for most web content management implementations. ETA is planned for end of July.

See here for more details:

Best part: This lite version will be given away free of charge!


  1. In Such scenario what is the MS next step, In such scenario is it a win win situation for Skelta becasue MS wont be able to compete taking CMS ….

    What i feel Partners will stop buying CMS and would consider SPS next as one store ..

    What is your comments in this scenario.




  2. Hi Mohindv,

    MCMS and SPS have different functionality. You can’t replace MCMS with SPS in all situations.

    Next version of MCMS will be part of MOSS 2007 – together with SPS. So in next version of MCMS the search engine will be included.




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