Neil found a bug in my PropertyAuthoringServerControl

My control to allow direct editing of property values during edit time contained a small bug in the time compare function for Start and Expiration Date. I already uploaded the new version to GotDotNet but it might take some days for the new version to show up.

To correct the problem just replace the following line:


with this one:

   dt = dt.Add(ts);

Thanks to Neil Moss for your hint on this!


  1. Hi Stefan,

    Would it be possible for you to provide a ‘step by step instruction’ for how to use the control. I am getting ‘Error creating control’ message.

    Thank you


  2. The control can be used as follows:

    1) create a new C# class library project

    2) remove the class1.cs file and add the file from the zip to the project

    3) compile the project to a DLL

    4) add the DLL to the VS.NET toolbar

    5) drag&drop the control on your template file.


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