It is a bad idea to copy content from KB articles to a blog entry

Jawad has posted a blog entry about how to calculate the Cache Node Size for a MCMS site. Unfortunatelly he used the query from an KB article which has been updated a couple of month ago in his blog.

Beside the fact that copying KB article content to a blog might be a copyright violation this now also caused outdated content to show up on a blog – which might actually confuse other users.

It is always a good idea only to add a reference to the KB article rather than to copy the content. And if partial content is copyied a reference to the KB article for follow up should always be included.

There is another blog entry on Jawads site that is actually a copy of a KB article:

Jawad: I also tried to add a comment to your blog entry but it only caused postbacks without actually adding the comment – although I correctly entered the code shown in the image. You might want to check into this.


  1. I have updated my Posting. I usually copy the useful code to my own code base.So I was not aware of any changes. Thank you for the notification and I be careful not to paste Knowledge base Articles in the future.


  2. Great post, explained really well and I could really understand. Thank you.


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