MCMS tip of the day – preventing upload of BMP files to image placeholders

MCMS makes it easy to create content for a web site. Everyone non-technical person can create articles using web author. And using Image and placeholder controls it is also very simple for them to add images to the page. Everyone familiar with websites knows that only certain image formats are supported for websites: JPEG, GIF, PNG.

But the most common format on Windows machines is the BMP format. What happens if a user tries to add an image with BMP format to a placeholder. Actually for Windows machines running Internet Explorer this will work as IE is also able to render image in BMP format. But other browsers on other Operating systems will not usually not be able to display the image correctly.

So it would be great if it would be possible to prevent that a user is able to add a BMP file to the placeholder.

The following article discusses how to achieve this:

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