MCMS tip of the day – Tree View, List View, Paging, Sort Order?

If you have worked with MCMS for a while your database will fill up with template, postings, resources, channels, template galleries and resource galleries.

When trying to create a new posting you will notice that it is not easy to locate the template gallery in the tree view control. And when opening the template gallery you will end up with a view where per default only 5 templates are visible – not satisfying on your 20″ Monitor…

Sure: you can change the number of items. And you can also click on the column to get it sorted. But to do this over and over again is anoying.

The following WebAuthor extension will allow you to fully customize all of these dialogs! You can decide whether to use tree view or list view per default. Or whether to sort ascending or descending. You also can choose the number of items to be listed in the different list view dialogs!

Check it out: Webauthor will be much more convenient from now on!


  1. Oops. The sample requested is not available.


  2. Hi Jeremy,

    what do you mean with your comment?




  3. Stefan,

    This is a very useful feature but I’m having a little trouble with it.

    I configured the template gallery browser to use the tree view and all the various top level templates are displayed in the tree view with the + symbol next to each. When I click on one of these + symbols to attempt to expand that template gallery node and see the children template gallery nodes, the template gallery chooser switches to the alpha sorted list view (without even retaining the selected node I clicked on).

    This doesn’t seem correct to me (unless I’ve done something wrong).

    I also see that there "may" be a flaw in the installation documentation. There is a reference to the ChannelsBrowse.aspx file, but no specific steps for that document. Was it supposed to get the same changes as the three TreeFrame.aspx files?




  4. Mick, I have corrected this bug. You can now download the corrected version.


  5. Hi

    i’ve implemented this successfully besides the Hyperlink Manager dialog in a telerik rad editor. If i want to insert a internal cms hyperlink i get a ddl not found error

    the dll is searched in different folders lik

    Microsoft Content Management ServerServerMCMSbin instead of mcmsServerbin



  6. Stefan,

    Nice tool. I was wondering if you could show how to Sort using StartDate property of ChannelItem. Currently we were using SortOrdinal (using C# ofcourse) but now we need to change it to implement StartDate. MSDN doesn’t provide much of a help in this matter.

    Any help/pointers are much appreciated.

    rev2all[at]yahoo dot com



  7. Hi how do I add a sort order to the ResourceGallery manager? Many thanks .. c


  8. Hi Chris,

    do you mean in Web Author or in Site Manager?




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