Dealing with links to deleted resources

A common problem is that a resource gallery items might be deleted which is still being used in some postings.

On the live site this will cause broken images and/or attachments and during authoring non-Administrators will see an error message.

To resolve this problem all links to the deleted resource gallery items have to be deleted from the postings. But sometimes the items has been deleted accidently and uploading a new resource gallery item and adjusting all references would be very time consuming.

Customers experiencing this kind of problem can now open a support case to request a new stored procedure which is able to recover all deleted items still bound to a posting. Please give the engineer the following reference number: SOX040517700117. After the stored procedure has run the recovered resource gallery items will be moved to the Deleted Items folder which can be accessed using SiteManager. This allows administrators to move the items to back the desired position in the resource gallery structure.


  1. Has anyone requested this procedure? Is there a hotfix number or something I can reference when contacting MS support?



  2. mention the following reference number: SOX040517700117


  3. Hi,

    For info; I have discovered that our mscsm exhibits Access Denied messages and login prompts where a resource gallery item has been deleted and replaced. It took a while to work out what was going wrong and had me looking in entirely the wrong place.

    For us, this was caused more commonly by users deleting an item in the resource gallery and inserting a new resource gallery item with the same name; the GUIDs didn’t match in the posting and hence the Login prompt.

    The scenario was that a user was editing and replacing images in the resource gallery to reduce their size and get postings to load faster.

    The fix that I’ve read for this is to ensure that users use the replace button in the Resource Gallery instead of deleting and inserting an image with the same name.


  4. Ever had the problem that you needed to do housekeeping on your MCMS database? Lots of space is often…


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