Solution to allow property editing when being in authoring mode

A common question I received from customers is that they would like to edit property values during authoring time similar to editing placeholder content.

I have previously provided a solution for this but this needs to do some coding for every property. A better solution would be to have a server control similar to the MCMS placeholder controls to do this.

After spending a several hours I just finished such a server control which will be available on GotDotNet in a few days.

Here is an article with a brief description on the details.

The sample code is now live on GotDotNet.


  1. Hello,

    Are there any scripts that could be used to automate channel creation, say by importing channels from DB table or any other source?




  2. please post such questions to the newsgroup and not as comment to my articles.

    The answer is actually: you can create a script to do this. The API provides everything you need. Don’t do anything directly to the database as this will break support boundaries.


  3. Thanks. What’s the URL for MCMS newsgroup?


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