RSS Aggregator Placeholder Control for MCMS

In a previous article I have discussed how to create an RSS feed for a MCMS site.

So the next logical step is to discuss how a RSS feed can be agregated in a MCMS site – and it should be possible that content authors can configure the Feed Url and other parameters while authoring the site.

To ensure this we will create a MCMS RSS Agregator custom placeholder control.

I have written an article about how to implement such a custom placeholder control including Screen prints.

The control itself has been uploaded to GotDotNet and should be available within the next 72 hours.


  1. When will it be ready for download… i’ve waited and no dice?




  2. What modifications need to be made .. i’m getting an error 401 when i try and access a local xml feed.


    http://localhost/rss/file.xml using the rss placeholder the server doesn’t return results but just a 401. The xml is properly formatted and i can use it on a variety of different things. I just cannot get it to read on the page.


  3. Hi Brad,

    your feed requires authentication. You need to add credentials to the credential property of the HttpRequest.




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