Enhancing the Web Author interface

I often received request from customers whether the tree view or list view elements can be sorted by default. And also about complains about the fact that the default for the number of items being displayed in List View always defaults to 5 items. This is not very comfortable.

To address these questions I sat down some days and wrote an enhancement.



The Web Author Extensions are built by deriving from the standard Web Author Classes shipped with CMS. So this is no new version of Web Author.

Web Author is silently enhanced by using derived classes with extended functionality. To ensure that the enhancement becomes active several ASPX and ASCX files of Web Author have to be modified.

This package does not include the modified versions but include instructions what exactly to change in each file. This is done to ensure compatibility with future service packs where different versions of these files might be shipped. But these instructions should still apply.

The tool allows a flexible configuration for sorting and paging. This was achieved by by adding the parameter used for the configuration in the appSettings section of the web.config file inside the template project. So reconfiguration can be done dynamically without compilation. Btw: if no configuration is added to the web.config then the original Web Author settings apply.

Default Sorting can be configured
– by choosing the column to sort
– to be ascending or descending

Click on this link to download the package. A more detailed documentation is included in the download package.


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  2. Stefan, you are the bomb! Thanks for this particular thing on for everything in general.


  3. Just want to let all of you know that I recently uploaded an updated version of my Web Author Extension…


  4. I would like to let you known that I recently uploaded a new version of my Web Author Extension to GotDotNet….


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