How to correct the window size/positioning problem

In Webauthor when a new window opens (e.g. Resource Manager) the positioning and size of the window causes the lower right edge of the window to be out of the screen when Internet Explorer is run in Fullscreen mode.

To solve this this issue you need to modify some lines of code in the following file:

\Program Files\Microsoft Content Management Server\Server\IIS_CMS\WebAuthor\Client\Windows.js

The following code:

    function WBC_UseDefaultSizing(pWindow)
        var lWidth = WBC_getWindowWidth(pWindow);
        var lHeight = WBC_getWindowHeight(pWindow);

needs to be changed to

    function WBC_UseDefaultSizing(pWindow)
        var lWidth = WBC_getWindowWidth(pWindow)-2*IDS_WIDTH_OFFSET; 
        var lHeight = WBC_getWindowHeight(pWindow)-2*IDS_HEIGHT_OFFSET; 



  1. Hi Stefan

    I’ve implemented this solution and all is working fine – thanks very much!

    But how do we overcome the same window positioning problem for items on the Authoring Console such as Page Properties, Channel Properties etc?



  2. I have just double checked: these dialogs are always created with the same size and not dynamic. So this problem should not occur.


  3. I tried the above and it didn’t work. I started searching and saw that the same file is located at:

    Program FilesMicrosoft Content Management ServerServerIIS_NRSystemWBCInternalsShared

    I modified that one and now it works. Why? Why is this file in more than one location?



  4. Hi Elizabeth,

    these are the files for ASP based templates. My code sample works for ASP.NET based templates.




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